Tuesday, February 13, 2007

discussion with a shrink

G'day, ya'll..

How's that for a little mixing of patois?

I just finished a conversation with my shrink, a man of considerable astuteness to whom I chat for 45 minutes once every month except when he is on vacation in the northern hemisphere summer time. Have been sitting here playing another 45 minutes of SNOOD in order to organize my thoughts. Yuppers, that's right. I play a silly computer game just so I can play with a few ideas about how to express certain very important ideas. If you believe that, I have a lovely piece of the moon I might sell you next time it is full! :)

And so, having admitted to my fascination – er – obsession, let me move forward to that which I have come to really discuss with you.

'Differential Access' is a psychological term for that experience we all have had of sharing an event in a group of two or more in which each member sees the event in a different way. According to each person's need, past experience, unconscious determinant, and current state of mind; each has a unique understanding of the event in which all have participated.

I suspect you understand and wonder why in hell I'm writing about so obvious an occurrence. Well, the obvious has not been all that obvious to me nor to others. In the past, I have had a couple of people berate me with the phrase, 'It's not about you, Dottie.'

Well, guess what? It is about me. It is always about me if I am engaged in an experience. It may also be about all of you, as well. Therefore, life is about us. And the exchange we may have about how differently or similarily we perceive our experiences together creates the joy and sorrow of being alive. There are folks who are sufficiently detached from their life experiences that they don't realize that their lives are about them. I admit to not understanding how that can be. And, I am also convinced that scads of folks wander through their lives not taking responsibility for the fact that their lives are about them.

And so, fellow narcissists, I wish you a most pleasant afternoon. And to those of you who don't claim your experiences as your own, perhaps you would be willing to explain how you manage to miss out on so much that happens to you in life.