Wednesday, February 28, 2007


On my afternoon walk on the Kolgun circuit on Mt. Cooth-tha yesterday, my mind was busily engaged so that my body could do its job and move me up the 60degree slope to the top of the hill.

When I let my mind go, there is always a surprise in store. I'm sure the same is true for you. Amazing what our minds will produce. My imagination sometimes doesn't even seem to be my own. It's rather like it belongs to some Jungian Universal Unconscious, just swarming with the disappearing bees into some place that no human seems to be able to find.

Kind of like going to see Pam's Labrynth. One simply never knows where one will end up when the process is allowed to move by itself.

Anyhow..the final part of this notation is that I discovered that consistency and balance are not part of my experience. And that's quite wonderful most of the time. I may alphabetize the spices in the pantry, but you will never be sure of my response to your story when you share it with me. And why is that? Travel has broadened my perspective and age has given me enough experiences that I just never know which aspect of self will react to whatever story you choose to share.

I like it this way. You can count on nothing but that there will be a reaction.

And so, dear friend, happy first day of fall in the southern hemisphere tomorrow. May your northern winter bring you joy and a desire for the greens of spring.