Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Just came in from seeing Mel Gibson's latest movie, Apocalypto. Not bad!

Remember, I'm in Oz..everything comes here late unless it is released in Britain or Australia..and then we get it at the same time as the Brits. Americans like to keep us waiting.

I thought it was a good story, well photographed.. actually beautifully photographed. The Director of Photography did a superb job of making the rain forest look real and negotiatable..which is no easy task. The eclypse was superb. And the young stars were magnificent. Both the male and the female stars were beautiful, more fully developed than one would have thought possible in a 'thriller'.

The story is Mad Max 16 or something on that order. Every Mel Gibson film is Mad Max something or another. The story is always the same, this time with a slight ironic twist. The failure of civilization is the government/religious order itself. Maybe that isn't so ironic if one takes a long look at the world in which we Amerikans live these days. Certainly, our current government, given free reign would take us down the same path as the one depicted for the Mayas in this movie.

Absolute power..you know the line..unless, of course, the gods must be crazy and come to the aide of the common folks and the common folk hero. Myths are made of these kinds of movies. They work pretty well, too. I enjoyed the unfolding.