Thursday, January 11, 2007

traveling to summer

Back in the southern hemisphere for summer warmth on these ancient bones. Feels good - the glow, you know. That wonderful (ugh!) sense of being in a steam bath whenever any real exercise is contemplated. I think my brain sweats here in summery Brisbane.

But don't misunderstand me. It is good to be home, back in my office, wakened before dawn by that noisy denizen, the Kookaburra, who has his family sing-a-long just before the sun peeks over the Tasman Sea. And then while I am stretching into the growing light of dawn, along comes his cousin, the Butcherbird to cheerfully chortle the sun over that last hump of horizon. Time to brush teeth and make coffee.

Ah, and that may be the finest part of arriving back in Oz - good coffee! Not only does it taste like coffee ought to taste, but the glass in which it is served is the perfect size and weight. Kind of like eating with silverware instead of plastic on the flight south.

We were able to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business on Air New Zealand on our return trip. Oh wonderments - not only did we have silverware and a table cloth, but we had three knives. I'm totally unaware of what we were supposed to do with three of them, but it was a lovely surprise to be trusted with 'weapons' once again - with which to butter my bread, to cut my salad into smaller bite sized pieces, and to saw away on my centre cut of pork. Yeah, it was a tad chewy, but tasty.