Monday, January 22, 2007

stress, tinnitus, and family relations

Oh, dear readers...thank you for your comments!

And now onward –

Have you noticed that when stress arrives in our lives, we seem to emulate the behavior of our parents or parent whom we most are like? I do realize that emulate is a positive term and our behavior is certainly not always positive when we find ourselves under stress.

I am performing several scientific experiments at the moment:
1. I am attempting to discover what proportion of the Australian population is left handed. I think it is very high.
2. I am taking a look (a listen) at/to the tinnitus in my ears. Since I have returned to Australia, the frequency and levels of
sound produced seems less. I'm trying to figure out what differences in lifestyle, environment might produce the change.
3, I am trying to formulate a study that will allow me to check out the validity of the comment I made at the beginning
of today's blog about my family and friends stress created behavior and that of their parents or parent with whom
they most identify.

If you have any information concerning any of these three topics, please feel free to offer them at any time. I am eager to read what others think.

And, of course, I am still working on my dissertation. This ought to be the final week of my consideration of the edits proposed by my advisor on the topic of Women's Travel Memoirs. I plan to submit the final form for consideration by my committee on Monday next.

In the meantime, my ears are not full of background noise and I really don't understand why, my left handed partner is off to work in a stressful environment :), and I, I am into the editing mode.

May your day be full of sunshine and laughter!