Monday, January 29, 2007

the hot and the cold of it

In the midst of a good night's Sunday rest, I awoke with one of those thoughts that one promises to follow through on the next day. Usually, I have to jot the idea down or I forget when I finally arise in the morning, but not today.

Today, I note that the world can be divided into two categories of humans . . . yeah, I know..that's a J response to any aspect of life – this division of things in order to understand them. A good P personality will immediately shrug his/her shoulders and simply ignore the rest of this blog. :)

However, consider this. Some of us run hot, stay slim no matter the circumstances, what we eat, how much we exercise. Some of us stay plump no matter how we diet, and how many times a day we run around the block.

Because I belong to the second category, I'm always trying to figure out how come. Here is my latest explanation.

It has to do with the bathtub vs. the shower choices in our lives. Here in Oz there is no bathtub, only a shower. I have urged the owner of this house to install a bathtub since I first arrived 6 years ago. If I had taken the matter into hand and gone out to find a proper tub, purchased it, I'm sure it would have been installed. However, that always seemed a bit forward on my part. And so, instead, I have taken my baths in motels, hotels, and in America when I return there twice yearly. Nonetheless, the issue of bathtubs has cluttered the back of my mind for the entire 6 years.

Those of us who are hot, who radiate heat even in the coolest of climates, simply eschew bathtub soaking. We are already way too hot to enjoy such an opportunity. Instead, we cool down in the showers of our lives. That would be the case with my intrepid Aussie partner.

However, those of us who run cold

(oh..Kookaburra just came to chatter outside my window..such an amazing array of sounds. No wonder the Butcher Bird has not wakened the fig tree wilderness yet...his nemisis is in the territory..but that's another story)

but back to bathing practices!! ..and those of us who run cold, whose toes and fingers sting with minor frostbite in temperatures near freezing...we love the bathtub soak to warm our extremities, to simply sweat out the impurities of our psyche in a bubble-bath full of good hot air.. see..simply by asking folks if they are bathtub or shower aficionados, one can tell whether new acquaintances are the kind of folks we want to snuggle up with on a cold winter's night or the partner we hope to sleep with on a humid summer's eve.