Friday, January 12, 2007


Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow..and of course, there is today!

I am feeling just a tad proud of myself. I have created a chart for my exercise program AFTER I did the exercises. Well, almost!

I have stretches to do tonight while watching the evening news. Can you think of a better way to watch the talking heads share the atrocities of the day? Exercising some of the endorphins created by those long tendon tightenings will, one hopes, mitigate the horror one feels at the inhumanity of our world.

I know I should not watch that news before bedtime when it occasions nightmares, but I also feel obligated to know what the minor Bush and his opposing forces have wrought upon the world.

I also know just watching is not tantamount to actually doing something to create change. That's the next step, the one I take after I turn in my final dissertation on women's travel narratives.

In the meantime, daily exercise is designed to promote the kind of strength and healthfulness that will take my osteopathic right knee across 55 miles of the Sierra from Mineral King on the west to Whitney Portal on the east next August.