Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bill Moyers? A Presidental candidate?

Remember a few months ago that Molly Ivins suggested that Bill Moyers, the intrepid journalist, run for the office of president of the USA?

Well, after reading her commentary, as I noted here in the blog, I jotted Moyers an encouragement to do just that.

And, lo and behold, when I arrived back in Oz from holiday travels, I found a postcard response from Moyers; A response with .75 postage on it. Some folks do have integrity. I include below his remarks:


I have been deeply touched by the thousands of people like you who wrote in response to the column by my friend, Molly Ivins. so many of you have written that I cannot possibly answer each message personally, but I have read every letter and card, sometimes twice. They humble and inspire me. I am humbled that you see in me a kindred spirit. I am inspired because you have not given up on our country and still believe leadership can make a difference. What your messages confirm is that journalism still matters; indeed, it may be all we have right now. so I am drawn to continue the work I have been doing for almost four decades now. I am energized by your generous words. Thank you for keeping the faith. I'l not forget your kindness.

Bill Moyers