Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Greetings on a lovely summer's afternoon (arvo in Aussie terms)

Having an interesting late afternoon with all kinds of emotional stuff surfacing as a result of having just had a 45 minute discussion with my shrink. You may well wonder how I manage that process since he is located in Clareville some 7500 miles northeast of where I type you this note. All things technological allow such a process to continue. Once a month we have a telephone call in which we discuss my latest angst/s and all the requisite mishaps thus created. On various and sundry occasions we actually talk a bit about the amazing success I am having at being a healthy, happy southern hemisphere camper. However, more often we slug our way through my latest dilemma.

I know, I know! When one reaches 66, dilemmas are supposed to be a thing of the past. Things are never of the past. As I grow older, the things just grow differently. No longer do I have spirals growing in my brain trying to distract me from the business at hand. Now, I have double helix forty metres long growing exponentially.

So, all you parent types, please remember that the way you treat your younguns today is a harbinger of the size, shape, and busyness of future double helix in the brain. Treat them with love, discipline, love, and more love! You'll save them scads of dollars in shrink payments in their futures.