Thursday, November 16, 2006

15 November 2006

Where ever has half of November gone? Amazing how quickly time passes when traveling.
We arrived at LAX on November 8 in the early morning and already have dined with some of the funniest, most clever, warmest folks in Clareville, trekked to the Sequoia, and packed our bags in readiness for our trip by train to NYC.

Folks reaction to that trip are varied. My English teacher friend, ' why would you do that?'
Her partner, 'All you will see is the back end of industrial yards from here to Chicago.'
Our mountain couple, ' Ah, what an adventure.'
Our family, ' why would you want to spend that much time sitting around?'

Ourselves: The Australian hasn't ever seen mid amerika. I know that he wouldn't be the least interested in visiting mid Oz..he's aware that's days and days of the same red sand, but he is intrigued by what we might find in mid I recall, there is Council Bluffs, Iowa with its Indian bluffs outside town, the southern Rockies between Albuquerque and Denver, dry river beds, and slopes of green firs frosted with light smatterings of snowfall in November as well as plowed fields in Nebraska and Iowa..although only the great sage plateau of eastern Colorado.

Whatever, it will be another adventure for the two of us together with Thanksgiving spent with my inimitable middle child in NYC, hopefully without rain but another dusting of snow would be wonderful..

It has been good to reconnect with friends in southern California. It is a wonderment that we manage to stay connected after so long an absence. Life is good now that we have a democratically controlled congress..or at least one hopes that it will make a difference. One never knows with politicos...they are so easily swayed. One can hope!

Sayanora..for now