Sunday, September 03, 2006

Minor miracle

Had a lovely experience upon opening my hotmail account this morning! An email from a former student..a writer..a published writer..a speaker of at least two languages although somehow I am certain that he speaks dozens of dialects.

He wrote to say he had been looking for me..and thought perhaps I had been found.


Because he has published a book and he would like to send it to me.

Now I know there is a goddess wandering the universe; one who knows precisely what makes English teachers satisfied that they have done an adequate job!..(Oh..that's Aussie Tall Poppy bullshit.).she knows that some of us have done a damned good job! :)

I will go off to sleep tonight feeling like my work has been worthwhile. There is a young man out there who is proud of his work, proud enough to want to share it with his teacher.

I think, perhaps, that is what teaching is really all about.