Friday, August 04, 2006


It is a fine good morning here in Oz. As is my penchant, I have spent the last hour checking out my favorite sites including my hotmail account. On a monthly basis sends me an email there to let me know what is going on in the world of 'give-away' books. I thought it might be a good idea to let you all know, in case you don't already know, about this amazing site and the process which it promotes.

One joins for no cost. And one then empties one's bookshelves of unwanted, long ago read volumes by simply giving them away, by leaving them in places where another avid reader might pick up a volume. Restaurants, cafe's, gas stations, parks, and various and sundry other public places work well. I have sent about 25-30 books traveling in the last four years. Interestingly enough only one has been picked up and registered as having found a home.

Still, it feels good to have my bookshelves cleaned up a bit. I really don't need to keep many titles after I have read them. And since I graduated high school after 40 years of teaching in 2002, I have had far more time available to read. The joy, of course, is in reading simply for pleasure. And sharing that pleasure by giving books away is an additional joy.

I know of one history teacher who might empty almost half of his book shelves to deserving and appreciative other readers if he were to try this process. Nudge! Nudge!

In case any of you are interesting in sharing your wealth, note that the address in the title of this entry will take you to a place where you can register your intentions to be a 'sharer of reading wealth'.

Happy week end to you all...May blue skies keep you satisfied. If each of us were to write just one letter or email this week-end to an elected representative about our concerns for the state of the world, the postal service or your email provider would be kept busy; and there is just the chance that so much generated concern might change the pattern which each of us decries.