Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Doncha just wonder if anyone actually reads this blog?

Had an interesting experience with a couple of Jehova's Witnesses today on my front veranda.

Two 20 something younguns rang my bell around 10 a.m. I was at my puter in the back of the house but trundled out to see who was at my door.

As I opened the front door..not yet the veranda door (which is louvered in the lovliest way), the young man introduced himself and in the Aussie manner asked, 'how r you taday?'

'Fine, thanks' in the American manner, and 'how are you?'

'We're doing great,' says the young lady with a smile. By now the veranda door was open and I was leaning on the other one..the one that has the latch connected to the floor.

We stood there for almost twenty minutes just chewing the spiritual rag.

The only difference between this time and a dozen other times in my life when the Jehovas have come to call is that this time I identified myself as a buddhist..with a small 'b'..

And why was this a difference? Because I immediately knew that I would be polite and not dismissive of my two door knockers. Buddhists have time for people. Buddhists are respectful of other forms of wildlife. Buddhists do not get histrionic and shame folks into wishing they had never opened the front gate.

They invited me to a church service. I suggested that my spiritual self didn't need a church.
They talked of sight seeing in Catholic churchs in France. I spoke of mosque's in Constantinople in 1717.
They talked of armaghedon. I talked of string theory (not that I understand it, but it is a theory of unifying the universe..you know the universal force..

Now, come to think about it, that's a grand idea..wouldn't it be a wonderment if their god turned out to be a myriad set of strings just bop, bop, bopping along? Yeah, I kinda like that!