Monday, July 24, 2006

Travel teaches toleration.

Travel teaches toleration.

-- Benjamin Disraeli

Been a while...How the heck are ya? Life back here in Oz is pretty darned marvelous..if you can stand all this effusive celebration of the return of the Amerikan..

Arrived back in Australia on the 8 am plane from Auckland after a 14 hour trip across the Pacific from San Francisco.

I promised I would never fly out of LAX again after this arrival and departure from San Francisco, but I suspect my next flight to USA will be through the more southern entry...wish it weren't so..

Traveled in a seat next to a delightful 80+ year old Canadian/New Zealander who was returning to New Zealand to celebrate her older brother's 92nd birthday. Learned so much from this woman who in 1953, after graduating Uni, spent three years backpacking and hitchhiking around the globe. She ended up in Victoria, Vancouver, Canada married to an Irishman who fled his country to live in Canada.

I suspect it is true that the real hope for the survival of man and womankind on this planet lies in the connections we form with those who were raised in cultures different than our own. The more folks I meet and know from around the globe, the more convinced I am that my own country only has a few of the answers, that others are as intelligent, humourous, and kind as the folks with whom I grew up in my hometown and sometimes those others have answers to questions and problems that I haven't even considered..and lots of those solutions are better than the ones my own experts have construed.

It's good to be home!