Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday around Monterey

Greetings from beautiful downtown Carmel Valley..

Well, kind of..not precisely a downtown..not precisely a town except in the most strip mall kind of way.

I'm sure these folks would not like to be so identified; and there is a reason for this place to be so narrow. The Carmel Valley at this point is particularly narrow..Carmel river on one side of the valley that really is a canyon here..and hill side on the other side of the road with a few housing developments along the way and a few shops and upscale restaurants and lodges along the way. NOt much agriculture this far from the sea, but plenty of marine layer slides in from the Pacific on an early morning.

Weather in the afternoon is lovely, warm and sunny, unlike the weather along the ocean some 18 miles west of here.

So..just a moment in time to say hello to all my intrepid readers. Am enjoying my grandson! am enjoying the oak tree environs...on to the cabin at Whitney Portal some time next week..

In the meantime..hope you are enjoying a lovely Queen's birthday week end..and otherwise healthy and satisfied with existence in your corner of paradise..