Wednesday, May 10, 2006

800 pages and counting

I haven't forgotten you all, just been a tad busy with the real world..of which, of course, you are an integral part.

Traveling to the subtropical rain forest of Lamington National Park for three days took up most of last week. Lovely clear weather kept tracks dry as we hiked to the headwaters of the Coomera River. WE crossed the creek.. that eventually is the River at Nerang.. five or six times on stepping stones..enjoyed the leechless afternoon and ended up walking about 18 kilometers.

Absolutely lovely! We were the only residents of the tent cabins at Binna Burra which means that we alone were the entertainment for the Brush Turkeys, the BrushTailed Possum, and the little grey and white field mouse who came to visit.

Loved the morning Whip Bird and his/her of my favorite indigenous songsters..

Today I have begun work on my book!! better known as Das Book..although the only German word in it will be kindgergarten with maybe one or two gemutlichkites thrown in for good measure.

I have discovered that my journals, notes, and emails for the past four years have produced more than a thousand pages of 10 point Geneva. And here you thought I only 'talked' too much! :)

I'm a tad surprised that I'm not a carpal tunnel syndrome sufferer with all these words raptly keyboarded onto my computer screen!

I will share some of the better moments I manage to cull from the dross...

Hope you are all well..Autumn in Oz is absolutely amazing..the midges and I send you greetings..theirs are dripping with just a smigeon of blood taken from my forearm..My greetings, however, are not tainted!