Saturday, April 29, 2006

The look-out on a holiday Saturday

Mt. Cooth-tha Kiosk

I treat myself to lunch while Graham goes to boy afternoon with Jacko. As I drive through the huge city park, indecision about whether to walk or eat and write first culminates with eating (always wins)! Good coffee - hot and tasty.

Star sapphire shimmers in my coffee spoon as the Queensland sun reflects near midday.
Maybe salad means I can enjoy dessert? Always thinking of sweets.
Spicy taste warms the roof of my mouth - bye bye bacteria.

Baby blue skies slip into air pollution over Mt. Gravatt
Puffs - more lenticular but low - cast a few shadows over Fig Tree Pocket. They're probably watering again in violation of restrictions. "That suburb has the highest water usage in the city despite pleas for conservation," says she who waters her front garden every morning before seven, unless, of course, she awakens after seven, and then she clandestinely waters after seven.

Everything is so public in Oz

Only AWB (Australian Wheat Board scandal) is a secret. Way too much power is at stake. How do those guys keep a straight face under public pressure? Maybe all politicians are good liars.

Something sits on West End side of St. Lucia reach of the River like a barge or dredge, even though they no longer dredge. Ah there it goes, maybe just the ferry or the RiverCat at the West End station.

Europeans in front of me light up . Ugh! Germans, in this case or that is my guess. That's the language they are speaking.

Air smells like it looks over Mt. Gravatt.

A table opens up to the left - lovely view now - no more smoke.

I notice off to the right - Archer field, the low swamp of heat with dried grass - no watering - no rain - surrounded with a necklace of flat topped white light industrial buildings.

To the left - CBD (central business district) - framed by two nut palms - healthy palm frond margins between varied high-rise roofs and the light moisture filled sky.

Morton Island sand traps create a perspective, depth to the horizon.

Suncorp stadium - flat topped- screaming red highlights beside the XXXX brewery of yellow brick bring my attention to the fig tree wilderness of Paddington just slightly in the foreground.

Toowong's Blue Glass Tower in its own shadow is dark - almost black - in the noon vista.

German to the right - Slavic English to the left and girlish Aussie laughter mixed with Italian behind. Maybe tourists - maybe European Australians.

The tall blonds fore and aft in mid calf baggy shorts and sports shoes ground the scene - keeping it attached to the Australian terra firma.

No more Kookaburras - Wires have been run along the eves of the red tiled roof of the restaurant. Those skilled hunters will have to perch elsewhere as they watch for easy pickings.

And why am I here? To be with people. To be part of Queensland. To no longer hermit myself. To push my limits slightly. To pay attention to detail. To notice tourists posing before the semi circular black iron fence to have memories of their trip to Brissy captured.

South a bit east is the long ridgeline of the New South Wales border - Lamington, Girraween parks. Sub tropical rain forests, highland gum tree forests, roo land, paddymelon grazing heaven - Monday's destination.

Time to go walk in my won gum tree paradise - Kolgun - I am on my way!