Thursday, March 16, 2006

back to books

What a joy it is to go out and buy new bookcases in anticipation of an influx of titles!

Some folks would get the same rush from buying a whole new wardrobe or a week's worth of shoes, but not me!
Books make my heart sing. Well, not quite in tune as my friends know as some folks. My ability to stay on key is enough to send folks off looking for a que of frogs right after a rain storm. Their noisy squaking might be preferable. And yet, my new bookcases waiting for the thirty-five new titles I recently purchased new and used from Amazon and their used book sources will soon be arriving after their long journey across the big blue pond.

You may wonder why I purchase in the US instead of here in Oz. The entire population of Australia is less than the population of California. That means that mass production, er printings, simply do not happen here. In the 2003-2004 book year 80 million books were sold in all of Australia. In 2004-2005 the number of book sold in the USA was diminished by 44 million. (note the previous blog entry). So, you can see that each book is bound to cost more. More than twice as much actually. I pay $36 A for a paperback that would cost me $12USD in California. And so, even with the postage costs, my purchase of books from the USA are a considerable savings.

You may also wonder what titles I am purchasing for my future reading. I am currently engaged in research for a Master's thesis in Writing, Editing, and Publishing on 21st century women's travel memoirs. If you have any titles you want me to include in my research, be sure to let me know.

I am particularly interested in the process of epiphany or psycho-autobiography in these memoirs. In other words how do we come to know ourselves better if we travel? I'm sure we do discover all kinds of strengths, prejudices, and joys when in travel mode. You may wish to share a few of those here on the blog as well. It would be a wonderment to have a few folks share. These personal anecdotes do tend not only to entertain, but also to induce self reflection on the part of readers.

In the meantime, hope your midweek brings smiles and tiny paroxyms of joy..