Sunday, February 26, 2006

a very fast month's been almost a month since last I posted in here.

On Thursday, two days ago, the dr. pried the nasty, smelly, fibre glass cast off my left hand and I am free to type once again with a modicum of typos instead of massive caps errors et al.

My 4th metacarpal on my left hand is still not healed, a phenomenon I will attribute to my old age. One would think that in seven weeks my body would see fit to heal whatever breaks I might manage to bring to it.

Not so. However, the hand that raises some interesting eyebrows..has decided that for a month I may have full use of my phalanges. Another x-ray in a month will decide if a pin or pins or plates will be necessary to help heal the bone that operates my ring finger..left hand.

I mean how can I get married without a ring finger working?

I'll be like those serious rock climbers who wear their wedding rings around their neck on short chords. Poor fellows look like dogs or cats with bells to remind folks that hunters are on the prowl.

Oh, and no..I'm not thinking of marrying. Way too serious a thought for this schizophrenic mind anyhow.

I am just thrilled to be able to type to you, to be able to communicate with whatever part of my world might still check in to see if I have anything worth saying today.

And to each of you..even if you are a solitary one!!..thank you for your loyalty. I am deeply appreciative.

Tomorrow another thought..probably about my research topic..women travel writers..who are your favs??

for now..ciao..