Sunday, February 26, 2006

frustration at all things cyberic

Tis Sunday in my section of Oz..east coast mid-continent Australia

And, I am trying to manifest a new template for my blog. I have also attempted to add a couple of photos of my favorite places in the world. These photos are posted. However, they simply don't seem to be accessible to anyone who visits my blog.

Not only that, my most recent post..before this one..a post I wrote yesterday..doesn't seem to want to publish either.

My computer says it is posted, but when I try to access my blog with Safari, my internet browser, I have no luck in bringing up my last post.

Needless, to repeat, but I do anyway..I am very frustrated. I love blogging and my ego is just large enough to want to be able to share my creative self with the rest of cyberia who might just happen to stop in to see whatever it is I have to share.

Sigh. Hopefully, I will be able to sort this whole mechanism out.

No worries as the Aussies say.

Happy Sunday to all..