Saturday, January 21, 2006

rain rain, go thou not away

January 21 in Oz..and scads of rain has fallen from the skies of south eastern Queensland..and the dams..those repositories of essential supplies of water?? they have diminished by .19 %..go figure!

Is it possible that our largrst industrial users of H2O have been overusing this precious commodity while the rains have been constant for the past two days..

Or do we need a Dutch Boy to plug the hole in the Dike? Strange very strange..

Some politician is guessing that it just didn't rain in the catchment just where might that be? In western Oz somewhere ?

Of only one thing can we be sure..householders were not out overwatering their gardens and young males wee not scrubbing down their favorite status symbols..their cherry cars.. during this rain..

Hell,I even brushed my teeth in rain water yesterday..

So who used al lthe water that fell..did mother earth soak up so much that there was no run off?

Lismore ,150 kilometers south, was cut off by flood waters..what ever happened to the Queensland flood? Probably used to produce a few more kegs of XXXX.