Saturday, December 10, 2005


Well,I have two items on my mind this morning..and it's been a bit since I have written. One might think that I would have dozens of opinions to share.

Let's start with the fact that I've been 'on the road' for a month as of today, my son's birthday..

Four weeks is a long time to travel for the likes of me who has a penchant for quiet time in my own special spaces where I can cogitate and fantasize to my heart's content for hours on end. One does not have that option while living with hosts and hostesses. The rhythm of daily life is tossed on wild winds when others constantly have the options to determine how one will spend one's time.

Of course, there are ways..usually rather expensive ways to alieviate this situation. One could rent space for oneself instead of relying on the hospitality of friends. One could rent a car so that transportation continues to be a self directed activity. However, a given is my willingness to opt for the less expensive option and co-habit with some very generous and kind friends while away from home.

Still, such circumstances certainly cut into my ability to concentrate sufficiently to write this blog on a frequent level..actually, this is the first time I have taken keyboard in hand to communicate in this manner since 20 November..and I have to admit that I was a tad surprised that I even took time to do that.

So..a giant thank you to my friends who are so generous as to open their homes..and a sigh of relief that for the moment I am NOT using them as an excuse to avoid writing.

The other topic that interests me this morning is the ever present fact that weather often determines for me my activities of the is a blustery, almost winter morning in lovely downtown a result, my trip to NewPort Beach is cancelled. Oh, it isn't just that the beach would be inhospitable on this winter's morning..but that it's Friday..and in the Los Angeles basin it is unwise to take to the roads..way too much traffic on the giant parking lots of LA better known as freeways..

And so..happy holidays to you all..may your christmas tree shopping be full of good humor..and may the right tree stomp from it's small corner of the lot and whisper in your ear..that it is indeed ready to join you in your home..

See you tomorrow..all other things being equal..or unequal..