Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunday..glorious Sunday

Another good day in the northern hemisphere.

And yet another awareness of how my life allows me to stay out of trouble..most of the time..

It has occurred to me this week-end that living in another hemisphere is good not just for me, but also for those whom I love. As long as I live 7500 miles away from them, all of my relatives are safe! It is very difficult to cause problems for people when one lives so far away. Any decision I might make, any deeds I may plan, any manipulations I might inadvertently propose all take time to manifest when one lives so far away from those influenced and inconvenienced by them.

And so, maybe all moms ought to reside in different hemispheres from their children. Just a thought. Visits are good. Long term habitation is not necessarily a wise alternative.

May the count down on this holiday season bode well for each of you..may all the presents you seek to provide be the right ones..may all those you love be satisfied with their own circumstances..may the weather cooperate and your pets love you immeasureably.

See you soon.