Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Narnia and the animals

Hey there..

While visiting in America, I have for some strange reason..probably because I don't have enough to do to fill my time..been going to an awful lot of movies..

I've seen Good Night and Good Luck, Seriana, the latest Harry Potter, and today Narnia. It is this last choice about which I would like to comment. I'm not quite sure how loyal to Lewis' books the movie is, but assuming they tried to create the images according to his Christian viewpoint, I am at the very least chagrined at some of the choices.

For instance, little furry creatures like beavers and foxes are good. The King of the Beasts is the best..the lazy ole savannah dweller himself plays Aslan. Could it be that early 20th centry well educated Brits really didn't know about the King of the Beasts? Those guys sometimes eat the offspring of their earlier competitor when they take over the family of a new feminine partner. That is called cannabalism..eating those of one's own kind. What kind of a creature is that to represent the ultimate good..and the great beast is a trickster, too! Who would have thought it..Oh, I know he died to save us from our sins..but still!!..a stretch..

Of course, then we have the wolves..obviously one of the most misunderstood of the dog family. Why would anyone find such loyal groupies in the company of witches? Wolves take care of their own, cull the herds of critters who no longer are viable in nature's rugged terms, and generally are a regal and successful hunter..unless, of course, you are a rancher or sheep herder who runs massive numbers of animals on public forests and lands in the western part of the USA..then you may have a complaint. But to turn them into evil maurauders seems patently unfair.

And on the battlefield itself, what do we find..cheetahs on the side of the good Christian guys while tigers are on the side of the bad guys..At first I thought that cat fur was all one needed to be considered part of the Christian right..but wrong again..the battle gave us a few other possibilities..

According the the script, only those who had lied, cheated, or betrayed were on the side of the Ice Queen..but!! there is some question in my mind about how tigers and wildebeasts both find themselves aligned with such critters. Maybe it's just an issue of being on the endangered list.