Monday, December 26, 2005

Crispy Merrimus

G'day..dear readers..

It's Christmas afternoon here in the northern hemisphere...Pacific Coast time zone..and for the first time in four years I am celebrating in California with my family...what a lovely time it is...

no snow..but plenty of keep the wildlife happy..acorns falling from the heavenly huge ancient Oak trees of this vicinity of the coast range..mid coast..and find good humour and if not the very least..good cheer to keep us all warm and dry.

It is one of those days when one is thankful to be alive and interacting with of the most pleasant Christmas days I can remember sharing..past happy days included hiking in Patagonia last year on Christmas day..a hearty feast at the end of that day turned the whole endeavor into joyful comraderie..

After a lifetime of unfortunate and ill timed misadventures on Christmas, it is lovely to be with those I love and to feel enormous gratitude for the gift of their companionship.

I can only hope that many of you are celebrating in a similar manner.

Happy holidays..and pleasant sojourns to you all..