Wilderness — A Meditation

Monday, December 26, 2005

Crispy Merrimus

G'day..dear readers..

It's Christmas afternoon here in the northern hemisphere...Pacific Coast time zone..and for the first time in four years I am celebrating in California with my family...what a lovely time it is...

no snow..but plenty of keep the wildlife happy..acorns falling from the heavenly huge ancient Oak trees of this vicinity of the coast range..mid coast..and find good humour and if not the very least..good cheer to keep us all warm and dry.

It is one of those days when one is thankful to be alive and interacting with of the most pleasant Christmas days I can remember sharing..past happy days included hiking in Patagonia last year on Christmas day..a hearty feast at the end of that day turned the whole endeavor into joyful comraderie..

After a lifetime of unfortunate and ill timed misadventures on Christmas, it is lovely to be with those I love and to feel enormous gratitude for the gift of their companionship.

I can only hope that many of you are celebrating in a similar manner.

Happy holidays..and pleasant sojourns to you all..

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Narnia and the animals

Hey there..

While visiting in America, I have for some strange reason..probably because I don't have enough to do to fill my time..been going to an awful lot of movies..

I've seen Good Night and Good Luck, Seriana, the latest Harry Potter, and today Narnia. It is this last choice about which I would like to comment. I'm not quite sure how loyal to Lewis' books the movie is, but assuming they tried to create the images according to his Christian viewpoint, I am at the very least chagrined at some of the choices.

For instance, little furry creatures like beavers and foxes are good. The King of the Beasts is the best..the lazy ole savannah dweller himself plays Aslan. Could it be that early 20th centry well educated Brits really didn't know about the King of the Beasts? Those guys sometimes eat the offspring of their earlier competitor when they take over the family of a new feminine partner. That is called cannabalism..eating those of one's own kind. What kind of a creature is that to represent the ultimate good..and the great beast is a trickster, too! Who would have thought it..Oh, I know he died to save us from our sins..but still!!..a stretch..

Of course, then we have the wolves..obviously one of the most misunderstood of the dog family. Why would anyone find such loyal groupies in the company of witches? Wolves take care of their own, cull the herds of critters who no longer are viable in nature's rugged terms, and generally are a regal and successful hunter..unless, of course, you are a rancher or sheep herder who runs massive numbers of animals on public forests and lands in the western part of the USA..then you may have a complaint. But to turn them into evil maurauders seems patently unfair.

And on the battlefield itself, what do we find..cheetahs on the side of the good Christian guys while tigers are on the side of the bad guys..At first I thought that cat fur was all one needed to be considered part of the Christian right..but wrong again..the battle gave us a few other possibilities..

According the the script, only those who had lied, cheated, or betrayed were on the side of the Ice Queen..but!! there is some question in my mind about how tigers and wildebeasts both find themselves aligned with such critters. Maybe it's just an issue of being on the endangered list.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunday..glorious Sunday

Another good day in the northern hemisphere.

And yet another awareness of how my life allows me to stay out of trouble..most of the time..

It has occurred to me this week-end that living in another hemisphere is good not just for me, but also for those whom I love. As long as I live 7500 miles away from them, all of my relatives are safe! It is very difficult to cause problems for people when one lives so far away. Any decision I might make, any deeds I may plan, any manipulations I might inadvertently propose all take time to manifest when one lives so far away from those influenced and inconvenienced by them.

And so, maybe all moms ought to reside in different hemispheres from their children. Just a thought. Visits are good. Long term habitation is not necessarily a wise alternative.

May the count down on this holiday season bode well for each of you..may all the presents you seek to provide be the right ones..may all those you love be satisfied with their own circumstances..may the weather cooperate and your pets love you immeasureably.

See you soon.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Well,I have two items on my mind this morning..and it's been a bit since I have written. One might think that I would have dozens of opinions to share.

Let's start with the fact that I've been 'on the road' for a month as of today, my son's birthday..

Four weeks is a long time to travel for the likes of me who has a penchant for quiet time in my own special spaces where I can cogitate and fantasize to my heart's content for hours on end. One does not have that option while living with hosts and hostesses. The rhythm of daily life is tossed on wild winds when others constantly have the options to determine how one will spend one's time.

Of course, there are ways..usually rather expensive ways to alieviate this situation. One could rent space for oneself instead of relying on the hospitality of friends. One could rent a car so that transportation continues to be a self directed activity. However, a given is my willingness to opt for the less expensive option and co-habit with some very generous and kind friends while away from home.

Still, such circumstances certainly cut into my ability to concentrate sufficiently to write this blog on a frequent level..actually, this is the first time I have taken keyboard in hand to communicate in this manner since 20 November..and I have to admit that I was a tad surprised that I even took time to do that.

So..a giant thank you to my friends who are so generous as to open their homes..and a sigh of relief that for the moment I am NOT using them as an excuse to avoid writing.

The other topic that interests me this morning is the ever present fact that weather often determines for me my activities of the is a blustery, almost winter morning in lovely downtown a result, my trip to NewPort Beach is cancelled. Oh, it isn't just that the beach would be inhospitable on this winter's morning..but that it's Friday..and in the Los Angeles basin it is unwise to take to the roads..way too much traffic on the giant parking lots of LA better known as freeways..

And so..happy holidays to you all..may your christmas tree shopping be full of good humor..and may the right tree stomp from it's small corner of the lot and whisper in your ear..that it is indeed ready to join you in your home..

See you tomorrow..all other things being equal..or unequal..