Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunday...bloody Sunday

That's a isn't bloody..unless you are a Brit or an Aussie in which case most Sundays are bloody..bloody awful..perhaps unless, of course, you are on vacation..

And that is precisely what I am..visiting Sunny, clear, dry southern California..happily enscounced near the wilderness of the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles..

Have been here for a week visiting with friends whom I haven' t seen for almost 9 months.

Helping out the teachers by doing some essay evaluations..those take a miserable amount of time out of any English teachers'life and free time.

And I am wondering as a result if anyone would care to post about what you all know about including citations to essays to identify the source of researched material. Is it just American high school seniors who don't know how to do this? I am interested to note that not one of the thirty-five research papers I have read so far have sufficient citations in them. Every single student has included information about the topic of his/her paper without giving any information about where that information originated.

How come? How come kids don't know??'s my job this week to help them understand..and so I'm off to read some more about Hemingway, Eliot, Freud, and Mary Pickford...

Catch ya laters..hope Thanksgiving is a joyful moment in all your lives!!