Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Per$onal Power

I am a slow learner.

Just today, three days before my 65th birthday I have discovered that personal power is not a matter of how others see us but, rather, an issue of how we see ourselves.

If I perceive myself to be powerless, I am.
If I perceive myself to be a powerful entity, I am.

I act on the basis of my self evaluation. I am generative, loving, supportive, generous to the degree that I perceive myself as possessing all of those attributes.

If I pay you a compliment, it is because I feel myself to have enough goodness to share. That is the very nature of power. Power exists to the extent and degree that I have a surplus to share with the world around me.

If I am feeling bereft of an attribute, I am unable to share any of the small portion that I am hoarding at that moment.

Think about all of this in terms of the government of the United States right now.

They obviously are very very frightened of losing power. They feel bereft of money and compassion. They lie, steal, and otherwise obfuscate in order to keep what they feel they have too little of. I realize that in terms of finances this is a conundrum, but that irony does not change the nature of the Amerikan government's attitude toward power.

It is a great sadness that the leadership of a nation with so much to be thankful for, the leadership of a country with so many material goods, feels bereft of the basic aspects of humanity that create personal power.

And it is a statement of the degree to which so many Amerikans feel this way that they were willing to vote into office such a powerless group to govern the nation.