Friday, October 21, 2005

a note on Internet friends..

A few days ago I posted an address for a site that commented on internet friends. This morning as I signed in to my usual bulletin board on which friends of the last 8 years have posted, I found that one of those friends died on Sunday. Her partner, whom she met on line, took the time to let us all know of her death.

Since I am an old person, the death of friends no longer comes as a shock. I am aware that my 1958 high school graduating class of 360 has been trimmed to 150 folks. Our next reunion will, I am sure, even be a tad smaller. I am no neophyte to this 'loss' process.

But, Lori's death is the first I have experienced of an on-line friend. I am not shocked. I am saddened. I knew that she had a stroke a year ago, but I was operating under the assumption that her improvement was only a matter of time.

I suppose it is very easy to make all kinds of assumptions about the lives of those whom one only knows on-line. This wake up call reminds me that I might wish to pay more attention to those persons who live thousands of miles away but who are available to me on a regular basis on-line.

There is no way I can change the life circumstances of most of those friends, but I can attempt to bring a smile to their computer screen by being a supportive person when we do meet in cyberia.

And so..I wish you each a joyful evening with a supportive family this evening..