Friday, October 14, 2005

Internet friends

I have included below a web addy of a site on the internet with a peceptive commentary on internet friends. I thought you might enjoy checking it out. It was sent to me by an internet friend who lives in California. POD and I have met on line for the past seven years. We have met in person five or six times. She is one of the most witty, compassionate, intelligent women I have ever known. She is a commediene with perfect timing.

I started chatting on-line in 1996-97 or whenever the first internet chat rooms like Healthy Choice were available to us. It is interesting that I really don't know the year when I began. The web opened up a brave new world that intrigued my quiet evening moments.

I talked with people from Afganistan, Pakistan, Britain, Brazil, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Canada, United States, Mexico, Germany, and finally Australia - the country in which I now reside.

I am currently in contact with several of those folks, which is an interesting commentary on internet communities. We all moved from Healthy Choice to a chat site called C5 and then on to other spots on the web where we could share our sadness and our happiness, the throes of parenthood, and the flirtations of our middle age.

Today, I share my life with a man whom I met on the net. Our relationship is a loving sharing of discovery. We have the rest of our lives to discover what magic we can create in the 'real world'.

The addy article comments on what happens when we meet our internet friends. I find it to be a rendition of reality that is fairly stated. The web has among other things, created a planetary community, a world without borders that allows like minded folks to share their perceptions of the world with other folks whom, under previous conditions, they would NEVER have met. Isn't some technology grand!!...

If you check the article out, stop back and let me know what you think.