Monday, October 10, 2005

the goddess of disaster and Pat Robertson

Have you heard? The evangelical Christian front man, Pat Robertson (yes, he who once ran for the Presidency of the United States) has declared that the recent disasters of firestorm, earthquake, and hurricanes are god's assurance that the second coming is about to commence, that the son of god is about to descend to the planet and take all the good christians away. I'm betting a few Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists are wishing the christian god would shorten his lunch break and get on with the rescue mission.

What drivel! What self serving madness! This man could have been President of the United States. And look at him whom we got instead - a man who also thinks he sits at the right hand of the christian god himself..whewy! What a bunch of nut cases.

And these are the fellows who are in charge of funding for scientific research in the planet's most financially affluent cultures. And I say financially afluent, cause at this point it becomes obvious that in no other way is that leadership culture affluent..indeed it is bereft of any spirituality that might cause the peoples of the world to find it charismatic leadership material.

If there is any criticism of the educational system in the USA, it has to be that somehow that system has turned out so many folks who have so little ability to think rationally, to sort out the nonsense and drivel from the meaningful, helpful, and intelligent solutions to the problems of the world. How ever did we manage to graduate so many with so little ability to sort out media hype from truth?

We have been dupped, we amerikans! We have a congress with no ethics and no courage. We have a government so entrenched with the concept of staying in power that no deed is too sordid if it will allow cronies to make big bucks. And furthermore, we have shipped out to the rest of the world our penchant for believing that making money is what makes life worth while.

I hope the cockroaches won't mind being the next great experiment of that godhead just itching to take the christians to heaven and throwing the rest of us in the 'big fire'...I can tell that the old father god has just about bored himself silly with humans anyhow..Maybe the roaches and ants will be more least they have a tendency towards community..more than we can say for an awful lot of the political leaders of the USA...