Thursday, October 20, 2005

Australian Adventure

Had an adventure adventure into the 'bush' and an adventure into the wilderness within...
Perhaps you recognize the experience. I'm sure it happens to all of us at sometime in our lives. Just as I am sure that it happens to some of us more often than to others.
Here's the scenario:

When your firiend describes her experience and you suddenly realize that it is your experience also…when she uses words that are better than the words you have been able to find to delineate, to symbolize the experience, when her metaphor is so perfectly your own experience; then, my dear, you have found a person with whom you must remain in contact.

My friend lives in a gum tree wilderness of exquisite beauty, full of the grey green forests of central coast Australia, high on a hill above a lovely pastoral valley most of which is still covered with the eucalypt forest. To this pocket of Austrlaian flora and fauna she brings the slightly clipped, very perfectly pronounced British/Scottish/Australian patois that creates a civilised ambiance, a culture that seems almost alien and at the same time quite at home in this amazing bush conclave of out buildings, of fruit trees, bananas, peach, pomegrante and figs surrounding a 'bush' cottage full of warmth and good food.

It is a journey of discovery to drive the yellow/red dirt roads onto the 157 acres of the land held by my friend Theirs is a story of affinity, of love in the gum tree wilderness and in the wilderness of middle age, away from the noise and lights of urban living. To this abode high on the ridge line, protected from the westerlies by the knot of Mt…Goolma rising above their clearning. When he leaves of a morning to go off to work to make the living they must have in order to continue in their solar powered, pond fronded, goldfish decorated space, her heart stings for a moment..racting to the loss of his presence. Is this love? On every level, I think so.

Thank you, dear Scottish/Australian friend for inviting me into the cove of creatures that you call home.