Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tuesday..sunny Tuesday

Greetings, Blog world..

Today I am doing school work. Have I shared with you that I am a masters degree student at the Univeristy of Queensland?

And that I have several projects underway? Projects with which you might be able to help?

It seems that I need some more information about just what it means to be airlifted out of the Cradle Mountain wilderness area of Tasmania. That is the subject of my next short story, an assignment due in a few weeks in my Research to Text class.
If you have any information at all about helicopter rescues in wilderness areas, do jot a note and let me know. Or if you know what it is like to break a foot inches nor meters..just a foot..while carrying a backpack, jot me a note and let me know.

Furthermore, I am doing research on fitness levels for senior citizens involved in Adventure Travel destinations. If you are or if you know of anyone who had difficulty completing an adventure journey, do let me know. I would love to interview that person to find out just what the problem was and how they addressed it.

Thanks ever so much..Time to get busy now and actually do some school you all..