Thursday, September 22, 2005


I'm so jazzed...We booked into Cradle Mountain Wilderness Lodge this morning..

It's gonna be a wild trip into the unknown. I have wanted to visit Tasmania ever since I first arrived in Oz..and here we go.

It's a tad expensive, but we don't go all that often and there are kilometers and kilometers of trails to keep us both happy. I take the short tall Aussie partner takes the long hard tracks. Together we manage to cover most of whatever there is to see.

Please pray for good weather..that means no snow!....for the first week end in October..

It is such a joy to anticipate being trekking again...not camping this time of year..if we were going in summer twould be a different story. My see a wombat and a platypus in their natural environment..unlikely..but a goal just the same.

If I weren't in school, If I didn't have to write a short story on which I have to do some research, If I weren't partnered to the most amazing Australian, this trip would not take place.

And so..dear world of readers..and anyone else who happens a random ghost or energy system checking out this corner of the internet...let me assure you that the thought of being in the midst of carnivorous flora and endangered birdlife is one huge incentive to enjoy retirement. There are so many undiscovered, unseen amazing entities just waiting to surprise and entice one into the wilderness.

Happy Thursday..