Monday, September 12, 2005

Broken feet

The Aussies count space in meters, centimeters, and millimeters. The Americans count the same distance in inches, feet, and yards. I supose one must also include miles and acres for the Americans and the kilometers and hectares for the Aussies.

How is it that the Australians are so much more anglicized than the Americans? After all, which country is closer to the mother land? The the land of motherfookers anyway? Well, I suppose that's a tad Irish afterall.

But, it is true that when one breaks one's foot down under, the doctor is going to speak of the number of millimeters that the spiral break entails while the American doctor will probably speak in termsof inches.

And to be truthful, I haven't any idea at all how long the sprial freaky split in my fifth metatarsal may be...or for that matter how healed it is.

To celebrate the American 4th of Jly holiday minus fireworks, I created a few of my own in terms of a slip off a milk crate and an unlovely twist of events ending up with a nasty sprain and a spiral break in my foot. Actually, when one looks at x-rays of the bones of the foot, it is a wonderment that we don't break more of them more often. I know that the arch itself is what makes us so ssfe...thank the goddess for those amazing keystones in the midst of the archs of our feet, but it is equally amazing that it took me 64 years to break any bone n my body and that the first one would be in my foot.

Makes new meaning of the Jane Fonda rant..These boots are made for walking..right over you!!..

And you..have you broken any part of your body? Have you seen stars? Have you almost vomited from the pain of it all? I'm betting there are some rather interesting, inviting tales out ther waiting to be told..including the one about the tail bone??

Let's hear what you have to say about that moment when you just know that something has split asunder under the skin and left you unable to move some part of your anatomy in the regular acceptable manner????