Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Sounds a little like venereal diseases, don't they...:)

Not so!

these charming little plants are carnivorous. They live in heaths and moors..places that are heavy with water..and yet somehow desert like because of the nutrient poor soil in which they exist..

So how do bladderworts survive in this barren landscape? They capture tiny creatures in the water, digest them and use them to enhance their own nutritional base....kind of interesting, hey??

I discovered the beauty of these little creatures..fairy aprons..their popular names...so dainty and lovely in the godforsaken amazing heaths below Cradle mountain in Tasmania.

I suggest you take a look at them on line...because I am mac bound, I don't have a program that will allow me to put a picture on line for you to see..sigh!....and I wouldn't give up my mac for the right to post a photo..maybe I can get a friend to do it for me...and then you can see these sprightly amazing little dancers fliting around the heaths of the great island to the south.

In the meantime..enjoy a Tuesday..delightful here!!